News Item: International Mentor Conference, 7-10 June 2007
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Tuesday 18 March 2008 - 09:41:50

International Mentor Conference (7-10 June 2007) was held in Innsbruck, Austria where groups of mentors from six European countries met to share their mentorship experiences. These mentors are involved in Tandem - Mentoring and Vocational Assistance for Youth Migrants that is runned by ANNWIN (SK), ARCA (RO), European Multicultural Foundation (UK), IEIE (GE), Mozaik (SLO), and Verein Multikulturell (A).

Overall programme of conference:
  1. Official welcome
  2. Why TANDEM was developed: aims & objectives
  3. Short presentation about each organisation
  4. Mentor testimonies
  5. Press conference
  6. Group work
  7. Workshops (New Technologies, Conflict Management, Intercultural Training & Diversity Management)

This news item is from European Multicultural Foundation (EMF)
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