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Aims and Functions

Our Mission is:
To promote and support ways of bringing together people from diverse cultures to appreciate, respect and value the positive advantages of cultural and ethnic diversity in empowering and enriching our communities.

Our Objectives are to:
  • promote appreciation and a sense of pride in the multicultural nature of European identity;
  • advocate the needs and concerns of minority ethnic communities and facilitate their active participation in public life at the policy-making level;
  • raise awareness and understanding of the creative potential of cultural diversity;
  • develop strategies for tackling racial and community tensions at the grass roots level by working together with its member organisations and others in developing appropriate educational techniques;
  • act as an infrastructural development agency to support our member organisations

Our Strategic Directions:
  • strengthen the voice of the civil society to make a strategic impact at national and international level in promoting multicultural nature of European identity;
  • establish a structure to consult and facilitate the effective participation of grass roots ethnic minority organisations in informing and influencing relevant policies affecting the quality of life of their people;
  • provide strategic level training to raise awareness and understanding of the creative potential of cultural diversity;
  • act as a forum to facilitate strategic NGO alliances, partnerships and collaborations within and between countries in Europe to increase learning and
  • develop strategies for tackling racial and community tensions;
  • support our member organisations through infrastructural development programmes including organisational development, resource mobilisation and organisation representation

The European Multicultural Foundation (EMF) works for the development of European policies which have a positive impact on social justice, equality and community cohesion. Our philosophy is based on acceptance of the key values of modern democracy: namely, the promotion of mutual respect and understanding between all persons, communities and cultures, whatever their ethnic roots or faith. In our view, only by means of this positive approach can we defeat the evils of racism and prejudice, thereby ensuring peace and goodwill on our continent. We therefore aim, through public education and other activities, to foster equality and good relations between all people regardless of race, religion or origin. The EMF maintains a network of NGOs [non-governmental organisations] and other associations and individuals in the fight against racism and related forms of discrimination.

We therefore invite all persons and organisations sharing these aims to join with us in our work.

What can we do for you?
We can help you achieve your objectives by:
  • giving you a voice at the European level
  • lobbying and assisting you in applying for funding
  • putting you in touch with similar organisations in other countries
  • working together with you through joint activities in your country of residence

What can you do for us?
You can help us by:
  • representing the EMF in your own country when necessary
  • spreading our message that the best way to defeat racism is not by legislation alone but by changing people’s attitudes
  • participating in activities aimed at discovering new approaches to conflict resolution and prevention
  • helping us to convince the public that the ethnic diversity of Europe today is a valuable asset and a source of strength

How can you join us?
Download EMF Membership Application Form, complete it and send it back to our address

For further information, contact Secretary General by e-mail secretarygeneral©emfoundation.eu
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