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About us

The European Multicultural Foundation (EMF) is a pan-European umbrella association of non-governmental organisations and persons active in the struggle against exclusion, discrimination and racism. We are therefore committed to promoting the positive aspects of multiculturalism and cultural diversity.

EMF was established in 1996 as a reaction against the persistence in Europe of hostility towards minorities and immigrants. Our approach is not political. Instead, it concerns human relationships and how to foster more positive attitudes in our multicultural society.

Centuries of migration have enriched Europe with many languages, peoples and customs. Our continent's achievements in science, philosophy, industry, literature, music and visual arts all owe a debt to this creative contact between different ideas and cultures. Present-day migration brings with it an even richer diversity.

Today's technological advances, sophisticated political structures, and higher levels of general education have improved daily life beyond the dreams of our ancestors, yet minorities and new arrivals still experience incidents of hostility, prejudice, discrimination and occasional violence.

In the EMF's view, the attitudes which lead to such incidents are self-defeating. Europe's recent past offers too much evidence of the devastation and cruelty caused by extreme nationalism. We are committed to building a social Europe based on the acceptance of diversity and the values of mutual respect.
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